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Apiary Made

Hand Printed Bee Assorted Pack

We all want to live a more ethical and sustainable lifestyle and Beeswax Wraps are a fabulous alternative to the single use plastic we all have used in the past.

Firstly these wraps are made from materials we can all identify with feeling good about, bee’s wax, jojoba oil and organic cotton.Secondly they are reusable and thirdly they are compostable, lasting around 12 months with care.

Designed and hand-printed by the Apiary Made team, this pack is a pure celebration of bees. These bee pattern beeswax wraps pack feature designs including gorgeous little black bees, a swarm and hexagon tiles.

Included in a pack: 1x large (32 x 34cm), 1x medium (25 x 26cm), 1x small wrap (20 x 21cm).

Benefits:Beeswax wraps are created with materials designed to help keep your produce fresh: the cotton will help your produce to breathe, minimising oxidation and sweating while the beeswax and jojoba oil have antibacterial properties. They are reusable and washable, so are wonderful for the environment. They will last up to twelve months on the basis of being used a few times per week.

How to use:Simply use the heat of your hands to shape the wrap around your food or bowl. The wrap will stick to itself and create a seal. When cool the beeswax will hold its shape. 

How to care: Wash in cool water with gentle soap if needed and dry naturally. When not in use, simply store in a drawer or cupboard away from heat. Avoid raw meats and hot surfaces.